When my wife, Debbie, and I purchased our first home in New Jersey we really were “Babes-In-The Woods”. Not only was the home located in a semi-rural area, but we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. Our education began fast and hard.

Within the first year our septic system started leaching out and the smell was not neighbor-friendly, forcing a costly repair. Then, one morning after a ferocious rain storm, we woke to discover a foot of water in the basement. We didn’t even own a shop vac, no less a sump pump. Home ownership certainly has its ups and downs.

Some years later, when I had the opportunity to attend one of the first organized NJ home inspector schools and then work an apprenticeship with an experienced New Jersey home inspector, that first-time buying experience helped define my philosophy about conducting home inspections. Buyers need us to bring our best game to help protect them.

Home inspectors do not have crystal balls to predict the future, nor can we see through walls. But, we can do our very best to use our knowledge to help buyers make better informed decisions.

Home inspectors should measure up to our buyer’s needs, and they should feel confident that we have their best interest in mind. So, that is now the slogan of our company… “We Measure Up!”